A Leap of Faith into Digital Marketing

I did a scary thing. I quit my job of 14 years without a plan. As someone who overthinks everything, this was slightly terrifying, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

My name is Allie, I have a Diploma in Tourism Management, and I use to work at Cypress Mountain, a ski resort in West Vancouver, BC. As someone who grew up skiing and snowboarding, it was the best job ever. I loved it. I made lifelong friends, got to snowboard for free, and got my start in my marketing career. So why did I quit? Well after 14 years, I was starting to feel a bit complacent. Sure I was having fun, and it was a great job, but I wasn’t growing professionally and I felt stuck. So in May 2018 at the end of the season, I quit. No job lined up, no plan for the future. Nothing. 

Sometimes you have to make the hard decision to propel yourself forward.

I took the summer off to figure out what comes next, and in the fall I hit the job hunt hard. As someone who hasn’t actively looked for work since 2012, I was in for a rude awakening. I quickly realized that the direction I wanted to go and the types of jobs I wanted were a little bit out of my reach. My previous sales and social media management experience were not quite enough, and I needed some more skills and work experience under my belt to get my dream job. After a few discouraging months of job hunting and a mini existential crisis (I’ve made a huge mistake! How am I going to pay rent and feed myself?!), I made the choice to go back to school.

So now here I am, a full-time Digital Marketing Student at Red Academy.

I’m halfway through week three and it’s a been a whirlwind. Just like starting a new job, at Red Academy, you hit the ground running. So far we’ve covered Google Analytics, setting up a custom WordPress website, SEO, branding, content creation and social media marketing. Whew…it’s intense, but honestly – it’s one of the best decision I’ve ever made.

What appealed to me most about Red Academy is the small class sizes, instructors with current industry experience, and getting to work with real clients. At the end of 12 weeks, I’ll not only be able to say I know how to do all the things, but I will have a portfolio of projects with real clients showing that I know how to do all the things.

So follow me if you want to hear more about my journey as a student at Red Academy; the ups, the downs, the all-nighters, the celebrations…and maybe I’ll even post some thrilling blogs on why SEO is so important.